15 restaurants where to eat in Seville (2021)

15 restaurants where to eat well and cheaply in Seville (2021)

Today in Tweentmedia we bring you a gastronomic guide of our beloved hometown Seville. We are going to do a review of the best bars and restaurants where to eat in Seville with two objectives: one, that you discover new flavors and options, and two, that you do not stay hungry – something, in any case, that you will not have. to worry. We started!

To be very clear, Seville eats great, and every trip I take is a reminder of the fantastic tapas and the magnificent gastronomic culture we have in Andalusia. In an exercise of sincerity, if I admit that Seville has always been quite traditional in terms of food, with the same dishes over and over again and, in general, with little new in terms of restoration. What is new or out of the pattern has always found it difficult to succeed. It seems, however, that little by little new options and less traditional concepts begin to settle in Seville, at the same time that tourists multiply and Sevillians open our palate to uniqueness.

That said, this guide does not incorporate the most touristic or well-known places, it is subjective and the result of the experience of a Sevillian living in Seville. We like rich, refined and cheap food, in well-decorated spaces and with a pleasant and correct service. All the 15 restaurants to eat in Seville that we recommend are worthy of a position in this article – which does not mean that there are not other great restaurants, we simply have not visited them or we did not like them. We leave you with them!

Where to eat in Seville: 15 restaurants to eat well and cheaply

We have not stuck to a specific neighborhood or area of 鈥嬧婼eville, although we have mainly incorporated options located in the city center, given the tourist nature of the public we are targeting. There are both tapas bars and restaurants, with different price levels and both traditional alternatives and more contemporary concepts. In any case, it is a fantastic selection to begin to investigate a little in Sevillian gastronomy.

1. Mareaviva, one of my favorite places to eat in Seville

In the vicinity of the Ram贸n S谩nchez-Pizju谩n Stadium, in the Nervi贸n neighborhood, is Mareaviva, a restaurant that opened a couple of years ago and which has become a benchmark when it comes to seafood, Mediterranean food, and fish. Their food is based on a very fresh and good quality product (one of the waiters told us that the genre is brought every day from the Isla Cristina fish market) and we give faith. It is a nice place, quite modern and with an excellent service – also suitable to come with children.

Its cuisine is traditional, with very Sevillian dishes but slightly updated. There are both tapas and half portions (great to share) in which fish and seafood play a predominant role – although there are also some options for meat lovers. Some of the dishes that we recommend are the mini Galician beef burger, the cheek cannelloni, the grilled scallop on seaweed and the white prawns from Huelva.

In any case, not being the most affordable bar in Seville, it is suitable for all budgets – a couple of tapas and a drink are around 20 euros , which is still a reasonable price considering the quality of the product.

Location : Calle Luis Arenas Ladislao, 151.

2. Depikofino

In the Buhaira area there is Depikofino , a kind of gastrobar where traditional dishes are combined with more modern and contemporary touches and aesthetics. Although its interior is rough and rustic, its dishes are much more refined and the atmosphere and service is also excellent. It can be eaten based on tapas and portions and there is a bit of everything : from a fantastic duck tataki with strawberry and chilli sauce to a risotto of cheeks and cream of Torta del Casar, a lot of carnivorous product (we ordered a beef tenderloin with rosemary smoke that we loved) and some other tapas of rice and fish.

It is true that its appearance is deceiving: the food is much better than the decoration, but it is also true that it is a restaurant suitable for all budgets , with excellent service and more refined tapas to which we Sevillians seem to open up over time. Without a doubt, it is one of the most affordable restaurants to eat in Seville and also one of the best value for money.

Location : avenida Eduardo Dato, 29.

3. Torres and Garc铆a

Very different from the previous one, Torres y Garc铆a is a fairly new restaurant and one of the newest concepts in recent years. In our case, we went to celebrate a birthday and the truth is that we were delighted. It is in a very nice place, on Harinas street – a few meters from Plaza Nueva – and, therefore, it is very easy to get there if you find yourself sightseeing in the center.

Some of the dishes that we highly recommend are the provolone cheese, tartufata and arugula pizza, the zucchini salad with pesto, papaya and Thai sauce, the steak tartare with egg yolk and butter brioche, the patatas bravas with aioli or the Iberian pig. Desserts deserve a special mention – we urge you to leave a gap -, among which you cannot stop ordering the tangerine cream with red fruits and lime and basil granita and the strawberries in papillote, lemon cream and mascarpone ice cream.

It is not a cheap place (around 25 euros per person ) and I would personally reserve it for special occasions. Anyway, the value for money and the service are formidable.

Location : Harinas street, 2.

4. Morales House

Casa Morales is one of the great classics in the center of Seville. A place where you find lost tourists as well as Sevillians having some montaditos. It is possibly the most traditional option on this list and, of course, the one with a more mainstream menu ; Its dishes are classic Sevillian: cheek, Iberian pinchito, gazpacho, various montaditos, san jacobos, salad, potatoes with aioli …

It is very recognizable for its huge jars and it is a small place with high tables. Its appearance, very similar to that of a tavern or a tavern, is rustic and rough but at the same time cozy. You certainly eat very well and tapas are around 2-4 euros – there are also portions. If you are looking for traditional Andalusian gastronomy in a very traditional place without great paraphernalia but with a delicious meal, it is a fantastic choice.

Location : Garc铆a de Vinuesa street, 11.

5. La Bernarda

We go to another end of the city, to the San Bernardo neighborhood, to recommend La Bernarda, a restaurant that exploits a concept that was quite unknown in Seville until now: the slow bar. In this case, the restaurant is located on an old warehouse of products that came from America, converted into a very cozy, modern, and beautiful restaurant. In a way, it reminds me a bit of the famous Amazonas restaurant in Madrid, which has become so fashionable in recent years.

The menu is made up of modern and very rich dishes, designed to be shared. We were at a dinner with friends and we ended up quite delighted: we ordered quite a few dishes in the center (the cheese board, the prey, the tuna tartare, some croquettes, some bao bread sandwiches) and we decided to share them together. The service is great – very attentive at all times – and it has certainly become one of our favorite places to eat in Seville . Although it is high in price, it is worth it.

Location : Juan de Mata Carriazo street at the corner of Bartolom茅 de Medina, 21.

6. The Slav

Another of Seville’s great classics (and one that never goes out of style) is El Eslava , one of the best tapas restaurants in all of Seville. Located a few meters from the Basilica de Jes煤s del Gran Poder, you can eat tapas (they cost between 3-5 euros ), some of which have become authentic banners of Sevillian cuisine such as the B茅cquer cigar (pasta brick with squid and seaweed) or the yolk on mushroom sponge cake and caramelized wine. The conclusion is that it is impossible to fail at El Eslava, one of the best restaurants to eat in the center of Seville.

Location : Eslava street, 3.

7. The Fat Woman of Delights

La Gorda de las Delicias is not a bar that stands out neither by tradition nor by gastronomic offer. Its virtue lies in the fact that it has a very versatile menu , its tapas are cheap and simple and it is located in a key area: Puerta Jerez. It is usually very lively and busy, and it is also a great bar to eat with children.

As I was saying, there is practically everything (fish, meat, vegetables, croquettes, lasagna …) and the service is fast and efficient. You can go both for lunch and if you don’t know where to dine in Seville. It is not expensive at all and you eat well, so it is highly recommended.

Location : Paseo de las Delicias, 3.

8. Tradevo

Tradevo is a small place in the Nervi贸n neighborhood that little by little has begun to become a benchmark for signature cuisine in Seville. I have eaten a few times both in this place and in the second one they opened in the center of the city (Cuesta del Rosario, 15) and it never disappoints. They are small places, so it is advisable to reserve because they tend to fill up easily.

It can be eaten with tapas and half portions and many of them are a mix between traditional products and other more modern and avant-garde tapas. They do not have a very extensive menu, which I am particularly grateful for, and in any case, every time we have gone we have eaten delicious. It is true that the prices are higher than the average, but it is also in line with the quality of the product. The best? Its anchovies macerated with lemon.

Location : Pintor Amalio Garc铆a del Moral square, 2 (Nervi贸n) and Cuesta del Rosario, 15 (Downtown).

9. The Canaglia Donkey

Few restaurants have been as successful as the Canaglia Donkey in its first years of existence. With a first place in the Nervi贸n neighborhood (calle Luis Montoto, 112), this new concept of Italian food (quite reinterpreted) has been able to adapt to the changing tastes of Sevillians who are looking for a more refined and modern food with flavors far from the usual. common. In this context, they have expanded by opening two new restaurants, one a few meters from Plaza de la Encarnaci贸n (3, Jos茅 Gestoso street) and another in the heart of the city (31, San Pablo street).

Their food is based on traditional Italian dishes – fresh pastas, carpaccio, pizzas, risottos – but always with a twist. They also have some meat dishes on their menu (their sirloin taco, I certify, is excellent), which is always appreciated. It is much more refined than other places on this list and its premises are very nice and welcoming. In any case, their prices, without being too cheap, are not too expensive (about 20 euros per person).

Location : 112 Luis Montoto Street (Nervi贸n), 3 Jos茅 Gestoso Street (Las Setas) and San Pablo Street (Centro).

10. Milonga’s

This small Argentine food restaurant, Milonga鈥檚 , brings me many memories , which I personally consider to be one of the best in the Andalusian capital. Since we were little we have come to him for, we meat lovers, to have some of the delicacies that he has in his menu: Creole sausages, empanadillas, Argentine meats (high loin, sirloin and entrecote) …

It is a fairly traditional meal but with good quality products. Whenever we feel like a good meat we usually come here and it never disappoints. It is not cheap but the raw material must be paid for and, in addition, the service is very good and attentive. They have two stores: one in Calle Luis de Morales, 32 (near the Nervi贸n Plaza) – which is the one we’ve always been to – and another in the vicinity of Santa Justa (Calle Campo de los M谩rtires, 1).

Location : Luis de Morales street, 32 (Nervi贸n) and Campo de los martires street, 1 (Santa Justa).

11. Bodeguita Reyes Antonio Romero, one of the best options where to eat cheaply and well in Seville

In the heart of Seville, a few meters from the Maestranza bullring, is the Bodeguita Reyes Antonio Romero , an excellent tapas bar, affordable, very rich and with good service. He is the youngest of the four Romero bodeguitas in Seville (all of them great). In this specific case, it is a very cozy and modern bar, ideal for having something more informal.

We have been several times and we always order the same: pirip铆, sevillano (one of the star dishes), potato omelette, cod stuffed pepper or stuffed aubergine. You can eat tapas (they cost around 2.50 euros) and the quality is excellent. It is usually quite full, so it is best not to be too late because you can run out of space.

Location : Calle Antonia D铆az, 5.

12. La Taberna del Arenal

In a privileged location, a few meters from the Torre del Oro, is the busy Taberna del Arenal , a fantastic tapas restaurant / bar, which I have been to many times. In essence, its tapas are very traditional, with a very Sevillian cuisine and quite far from any hint of modernity: a good quality product, a fantastic service and great prices.

It is usually very atmospheric (many young people) and you can order both tapas and half portions. Their specialty is meats, especially sirloin carbonara and whiskey, and I can attest that they are very tasty. In the end, La Tabernita is a mythical center of Seville.

Location : Almirante Lobo street, 2.

13. Sibuya

For a city that is slowly opening up to new flavors and cuisines from different countries in the world, Sibuya has emerged as one of the best Japanese food restaurants in all of Seville. His place on Calle Albareda is modern, elegant and fantastically well decorated and his menu, much more refined than other Asians in Seville, is very attractive.

It is not a cheap restaurant, I am not going to lie to you, but it is a fantastic way to get into Sevillian Asian gastronomy. We have eaten a couple of times and we have tried their nigiris, pan baos (one of our favorite dishes), some makis, gyozas, tori katsu or shrimp dice marinated in chili mayo and chives – also great. All very tasty and recommendable. I’m sure you are going to love it!

Location : calle Albareda, 10.

14. La Locanda di Andrea

Recommendation of a good friend of this website, Locanda di Andrea is a restaurant that serves traditional Italian cuisine but in the form of a tapa. Fantastic idea that allows you to try different options and not commit to just one. They are very traditional Italian dishes, with a not too extensive menu (which for me is always a virtue), a very homemade pasta and, all at very reasonable prices.

The place is quite small, a bit alternative but very cute, and is located on Feria street, in the Macarena neighborhood. The different tapas cost around 3.50 euros and with a couple of them you end up full. We tried the riccota ravioli with butter and parmesan sauce, the gorgonzola gnocchi, the ortholana tagliatella with turmeric and saut茅ed vegetables and their ham and cheese piadina (the restaurant’s star dish). The result is rich and tasty food, at a good price, with attentive and polite service, and a formidable atmosphere.

Location : calle Feria, 15.

15. Castizo

One of the most charming restaurants in Seville (and also one of my favorites) is Castizo , a place located in the heart of the city, a few meters from the Triana Bridge and the Maestranza bullring. It belongs to the same group of restaurants as Torres y Garc铆a (which we have also collected in this article) and is a commitment to traditional dishes with an original touch.

The place is very beautiful and the presentation of the dishes is impeccable. You can order both tapas (they run between 3 and 5 euros) and rations, which can be shared if you are several. Some of our favorites: the patatas bravas, the shrimp montadito with aioli, the grilled boneless chicken, the mini serranito or the whole fried onion with Ronda cream cheese. The value for money is excellent and is around 15 euros per person .

Finally, the most curious and original touch is your bathroom, decorated with dominoes.

Location : Zaragoza street, 6.

Recommendations on where to eat cheaply in Seville

I hope that with these recommendations on the best places to eat in Seville you will see in a wide way all the possibilities that the Andalusian capital offers and, above all, you will enjoy its wonderful gastronomy and tapas. This article has a vocation for continuity, so we intend to update it and keep you up to date with the gastronomic news of Seville.

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