What to see in Bristol in 1 day

Today in Tweentmedia we bring you a new article about what to see in Bristol in one day. Bristol is a small city in England, close to London and very...

Today in Tweentmedia we bring you a new article about what to see in Bristol in one day. Bristol is a small city in England, close to London and very beautiful to which there are usually a lot of very cheap flights from its airport.

What to see in Bristol in one day

The best things to see in Bristol in one day are:

  1. St James’Park and St James’Priory
  2. Castle park
  3. Old City and Saint Nicholas Market
  4. Queen square
  5. King Street
  6. St Mary Redcliffe Church
  7. Cascade Steps
  8. Pero’s Bridge
  9. Millennium Square
  10. SS Great Britain
  11. Bristol Cathedral
  12. Clifton Suspension Bridge
  13. Temple church
  14. Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
  15. M. Shed
  16. Cabot Tower

1. St James’Park and St James’Priory, an essential monument to see in Bristol

Starting our tour of the center of this beautiful British city, we are going to see St James’Priory, a beautiful church, whose main entrance does not stand out for its beauty, but its exterior and interior appearance do. Next to it, there is a beautiful park, St James’Park, from where you can see the church.

It was founded in 1129 by the Earl of Gloucester, an illegitimate son of Henry I. It survived the dissolution of the monasteries thanks to the fact that the parishioners took responsibility for it and later added the tower.

2. Castle Park

what to see in bristol in one day
The Castle Park

This is one of our favorite places in Bristol, a park characterized by green areas where you can lie down, rest, relax, have a picnic, and take photos.

To the east are the remains of Bristol Castle with a preserved chamber. To the west is the ruined tower of the church of St Mary-le-Port and, in the center, next to the ruins of the church of St. Peter is a sensory herb garden and five silver birch trees that pay homage to the D-Day landings.

3. Old City and Saint Nicholas Market

The central area of ​​Bristol is beautiful, you will love it. It is full of alleys, squares, historic buildings, restaurants, markets, and pubs where you can hang out.

St Nicholas Market or St Nick’s is an 18th-century market very curious to see where there are many small food stores and artisans. In addition, it is curious that in this market you can pay with the local currency of Bristol, “Bristol pounds”. You can find them at Beats Clothing in this market and at the tourist office.

4. Queen Square and King Street

what to see in bristol
Queen square

Two must-see stops in the Old City are  Queen Square and  King Street. We fell in love with Queen Square, a typical Georgian square, that is, symmetrically square with a statue right in the middle. The symmetry and the green that accompanies this square is impressive, you will hallucinate.

England’s oldest theater, the Bristol Old Vic, is on King Street. Also, the Bermuda Triangle, which are three bars where you can drink craft beer. The names of the bars are Small Bar, Royal Navy Volunteer, and The Beer Emporium. Aim it right!

5. St Mary Redcliffe Church, the most beautiful church to see in Bristol

what to see in bristol in 1 day
St Mary Redcliffe Church

St Mary Redcliffe is a BEAUTIFUL church, which we loved both inside and out. May the wonderful cathedral forgive us, but this, for us, is the best in the city.

It has a giant tower, whose spire reaches 89 meters. We were lucky that it was open and its interior did not disappoint either. In addition, a Newfoundland whalebone and the statue of Queen Elizabeth I from the 16th century are very curious.

6. Cascade Steps and Pero’s Bridge

what to see in bristol in two days
Cascade Steps and Pero’s Bridge

Another area that we loved was the Cascade Steps, which is downstairs simulating a waterfall. It is a very curious and fun area to visit.

The Pero’s Bridge is a very funny and nice pedestrian bridge at a time. It connects Queen Square with our next stop, Millennium Square.

From the bridge, you can see beautiful views of the port and it is full of padlocks where lovers swear eternal love. The grace is that the main feature of the bridge is the horns that act as counterweights. Horns and love in the same place, what a coincidence, right?

7. Millennium Square

10 things to see in bristol
Millennium Square

The Millennium Square is the square fun of Bristol. We were quite entertained for a long time. It has water games, very curious sculptures such as Cary Grant or the Big Silver Ball.

The latter is a large giant silver ball in which you can see yourself reflected. It is part of the We The Curios museum and is the only 3D planetarium in the UK. This museum, although we did not have time to see it, is very fun, it is interactive with science and we encourage you to visit it if you have time.

8. The SS Great Britain

what to see in bristol england
SS Great Britain

Visiting the SS Great Britain is one of the most important things to do in Bristol. It is a super interesting 19th-century ship thanks to the interactive museum they have created. You will be passionate about it and the hours you spend will seem few, you will see.

The SS Great Britain made her first voyage to New York in 1845 and was by then the largest ship in the world. Then it made many trips for immigrants to Australia, it was also a cargo ship, a floating and sunken warehouse. In 1970 they rescued him and brought him back to Bristol.

In the museum you can dress from the time of the ship and be a passenger, seal landscapes, visit all parts of the ship, you can get on the mast, although you will have to pay an extra, in short, an unforgettable experience.

From here, don’t forget to go see Banksy’s graffiti “the girl with the pierced eardrum”, which is very similar to “the girl with the Vermeer pearl” in The Hague and is nowhere from the museum.

9. The Cathedral of Bristol

what to see in bristol
Bristol Cathedral

The Bristol Cathedral is a former abbey of an Augustinian monastery and is, indeed, beautiful, do not regret going to come. We were fascinated by its exterior and inside we loved it.

It is a Gothic church, you can see it immediately due to its Gothic elements on the cover and it is full of medieval details inside such as the chapter house, the polychrome tombs of abbots, and a Saxon relief from 1050.

10. The Clifton Suspension Bridge

things to see in bristol
The Clifton Suspension Bridge

Last but not least, we will have to catch a bus to see the Clifton Suspension Bridge. It is remote, yes, but it is worth it. The buses cost 1.8 pounds for students, so don’t forget to take your university card with you on the trip so you can get a discount.

Clifton is the posh neighborhood of Bristol and you will love its shops, cafes, and houses. But the most important thing about this neighborhood is its famous bridge, which was designed by Brunel.

The bridge rises over the Avon River, it can be crossed on foot and if it is sunny we recommend that you go up to the Clifton Observatory, from where you will see the best views of the bridge.

What to see in Bristol in two days

graffiti in bristol

If you are there for more than a day we have content and we promise you that you will not get bored because there are little things further away and quite beautiful to see in Bristol. In addition, we also recommend you take an excursion to Bath, which is very close and is a beautiful town.