20 things to do in New York and not get bored (Tourism 2021)

20 things to do in New York and not get bored (Tourism 2021)

Getting bored while traveling is difficult, but doing it in New York is even more. Not only because the amount of things to do in New York is infinite, but also because your eyes will explode like fireworks: the skyscrapers, the streets you have seen everywhere, the movie scenes, the yellow taxis, the subway; I’m sure it will be very, very difficult for you to tire yourself out.

Today in Tweentmedia we bring you a very complete article about New York with 20 different plans, ranging from things to do in New York for free, in the surroundings or in the different New York districts. It is a very complete selection, so we hope that whatever your interests are, you will find activities that you like and make you enjoy the Big Apple.

20 essential things to do in New York

In this particular review of the best things to do in New York, we have selected a total of 20 places so that you can visit them if you don’t have much time in New York, or if you have but want to go easy. I hope you enjoy it.

As always, if you have little time, we recommend that you book a free tour of New York. It’s free and you get a very comprehensive first view of the city.

1. Fifth Avenue, one of the first things to do in New York

Possibly the most famous avenue in New York. And also the world. Fifth Avenue is especially known for its luxury boutiques and shops, but the truth is she in itself an attraction. From Washington Square Park in Midtown to the north of Manhattan, already through Harlem, there are monuments and places of interest such as the Flatiron, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Trump Tower, Central Park, the Museum Mile or the Library Municipal of New York. Come on, boring is not going to be one of the things that will happen to you.

2. One World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial, an essential visit to do in New York

The 9/11 attack that hit the Twin Towers in and around New York City wreaked havoc around the world and changed the way we travel forever. Not even Downtown has been what it was, or, if anything, is now better than what it was. On the foundations of the old towers, and after an international competition of ideas, a huge Memorial was inaugurated in honor of all the people who died during the cruel attacks.

one world trade center what to do in nyc

But not only that, but the construction of new skyscrapers and buildings was necessary due to the damage suffered by nearby buildings. In relation to this, in 2014 the One World Trade Center was inaugurated, which will become the tallest building in the Big Apple and the seventh in the world. The most characteristic of it is the Observatory located at the top, with one of the best views of Downtown New York.

3. The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is not just a bridge but an icon of the city. It connects the two quintessential boroughs of the city, Manhattan and Brooklyn and at the time of its construction it was the largest suspension bridge in the world.

brooklyn what to do in new york
Brooklyn’s bridge

It connects with the DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights area , two of the most touristic areas in Brooklyn. The former is a former industrial neighborhood converted into sought-after lofts and trendy restaurants, while the latter retains the more traditional New York character with neat, low-rise houses in reddish tones.

4. Times Square

Who has not seen those giant luminous signs, those extravagant shops and the advertising signs that fill the stores? Well, I think nobody. Located at the intersection of Broadway and 47th, Times Square’s world fame knows no bounds. More than 300,000 people pass by it regularly and many others remain gawking looking up and, why not, also sideways.

things to know in new york
Times square

The M & Mโ€™s Store is an icon in the square, as is One Times Square , the central building and where New Year’s Eve is celebrated. But if you should notice something, it is the Broadway District , with more than 30 theaters where the main works of the world are represented. The best thing to do is visit Times Square at night, just as the neon signs blend into the darkness. Priceless.

5. The Statue of Liberty

The truth is that the Statue of Liberty is possibly the most recognizable monument in all of New York. All those catastrophe movies come to mind in which the highlight of the catharsis is always symbolized by a fallen, sunken or destroyed Statue of Liberty. By this I mean that its symbolism has transcended the very limits of the city to consecrate it as a world symbol.

new york tourism
The statue of Liberty

You can do a Tour of the Statue of Liberty that also includes a visit to neighboring Ellis Island, but we recommend – if you want in a complementary way – that you take the Staten Island Ferry that departs from Downtown and takes advantage of one of the best views of the Statue of Liberty. Once you reach the destination, you get back on your feet and that’s it. Of course, remember that you have to change sides on the ferry to be able to see it again.

6. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

what to do in nyc for free
St. Patrick’s Cathedral

It’s not her, it’s where she is. I think those are the first words of anyone who visits St. Patrick’s Cathedral . Its devilish location in the middle of Fifth Avenue brings out New York’s oldest and most traditional character among so many glass skyscrapers and extravagant luxury stores. It is surely one of the most beautiful and attractive religious buildings in New York and it is completely free to enter, which is undoubtedly appreciated.

7. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met is one of the great museums on the planet and a temple for art lovers. It is not only one of the 5 most visited museums in the world but also one of those with the largest collection, including paintings by European painters such as Monet or Rembrandt and Egyptian constructions such as the Temple of Dendur .

8. The Guggenheim Museum

what to do in nyc
Guggenheim museum

The other great museum in New York and one of the essential visits to do is visit the Guggenheim Museum . In this case, the visit is double. On the outside, the building, the work of Frank Lloyd Wright , was declared a World Heritage Site; while inside, the permanent collection is one of the most complete in the city.

An advice? Visit the museum on Saturday afternoon and take the “pay what you wish” mode.

9. The Flatiron Building

things to know in new york
Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building is one of the most famous buildings in the Big Apple. Praise and criticism by equals at the time of its construction back in the early twentieth century, today it has become an essential visit for everyone who visits New York.

10. Top of The Rock

what to do in new york in 3 days
Views from the Top of The Rock

If there is an observatory that you cannot miss in New York, that is the Top of The Rock . Located at the top of the Comcast Building, in the heart of Rockefeller Center, its views are possibly the best in New York. From there you can see Central Park and most of the Midtown skyscrapers. The entrance is not cheap, but the views are worth it. Our advice? Get your tickets out at sunset time.

11. The Museum of Natural History

Known for its splendid representatives of animals and dinosaurs, the Museum of Natural History is one of the most famous technological museums in the world. It is one of the few located outside the Museum Mile on the Upper West Side.

โžœ The museums in New York are quite expensive, so you want to visit several or take advantage and go up to an observatory, the best thing is to get the New York Explorer Pass, which includes a visit to some of them.

12. Shopping in New York

New York is one of the cities with the largest commercial offer in the world. Along with the large luxury boutiques on Fifth Avenue and the Upper East Side , Macy’s in Herald Square bills itself as the world’s largest department store. However, also in SoHo and Tribeca you will find a very important commercial offer with stores for all tastes.

13. SoHo

tourist places in new york

The SoHo is one of the most alternative areas of New York. Through a growing process of gentrification, it has been the place of choice for many shops and boutiques to settle, so much so that today it is one of the most luxurious areas of the city. In it is the historic district of Cast Iron , characterized by the famous iron buildings.

14. The Apollo Theater and Harlem

free things to do in nyc

Harlem has improved a lot in the last few years, although there are still some slightly troubling parts. If you prefer not to go it alone, we recommend that you book a tour of Harlem (which is what we recommend), which also includes a visit to a gospel mass.

15. Wall Street

First of all, New York stands out for being the largest financial center in the world. Not only is it home to the headquarters of some of the largest financial institutions in the world, but it also hosts the two largest exchanges, the NYSE and the Nasdaq.

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The most symbolic touch is the Bull of Wall Street , a copper statue located in Bowling Green. If you touch their private parts, fortune is supposed to seek you.

16. Grand Central Terminal

what to do in new york
Grand Central Terminal

Sometimes dubbed the World’s Most Beautiful Train Station, Grand Central Terminal truly deserves such praise. One of the largest train stations in the world, more than 60 million passengers pass through it each year.

17. The Rockefeller Center

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Rockefeller center

A complex of more than 18 buildings built by the Rockefeller family, at one time the most powerful in the world, where some shops and the Sunken Garden are located , presided over by the Golden Statue of Prometheus. It is especially known for the skating rink that they put up at Christmas.

18. Central Park

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Central park

Central Park is not just a park either. It’s an emblem for New Yorkers and, if you will hurry me, for the whole world. It was built and conceived in the 19th century by brothers Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux who later also built Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

In a city that at times can overwhelm and seem overloaded, Central Park is the perfect meeting point to get closer to nature and enjoy the good weather – if at all -. The most characteristic of it is its completely rectangular shape that covers about 3.5 square kilometers in the upper half of Manhattan.

In it you will find a little of everything: New Yorkers doing sports, tourists traveling from end to end, people relaxing or friends having picnics. We have spent several hours lying on the grass of Central Park and have even eaten there, and without a doubt it is something we recommend. An essential visit to do in New York

19. Little Italy and Chinatown

Two of the most famous ethnic enclaves in the city. The least authentic, Little Italy , is increasingly colonized by Chinatown and has lost some of its more Italian character. Still, there are many restaurants and bars serving pasta, pizza, and lasagna. The sign that welcomes the neighborhood is an icon.

what to do in new york with rain
Little italy

On the other hand, Chinatown is one of the 9 Chinatowns that exist in the Big Apple. It is not too big, although there is everything. Of course, always with the signs in Chinese. It is not my favorite area, far from it, but we consider that you cannot leave New York without stepping on it.

20. The Empire State Building

empire state what to do in new york

The most famous skyscraper in New York has a first and last name: Empire State Building. Famous for that scene of King Kong climbing the building with Ann Darrow hostage, it was the tallest building in the world between 1931 and 1971 until the twin towers were built and after 9/11 it became the tallest building in New York, since that he lost again with the One World Trade Center.

The Empire State Building is just one of many skyscrapers in the Big Apple. In this article about the New York Skyline, we review the best buildings and tell you which is our favorite.

20 things to do in New York

It is never too late to find inspiration, to discover new places and to discover new interests. For all this, and above all, for tourists and to take photos of all the street signs, each of the skyscrapers, the shop windows and the yellow taxis, New York is your city.

20 things to do in New York that are a very important starting point for getting to know the Big Apple and getting around a city that has a lot to offer. We hope this article has been helpful to you and that your trip to New York is just as you imagined.