The most impressive toy stores in the world

Toy stores are places full of magic, charm, and illusion. A place that every self-respecting child would like to visit.
The most impressive toy stores in the world

Toy stores are places full of magic, charm, and illusion. A place that every self-respecting child would like to visit. But some of them are so fantastic that adults are also passionate about them. Here we take a tour of the most impressive toy stores in the world, tempting for both young and old.

1. Hamley’s, London

One of the most iconic buildings on Regent Street, between Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street, is one of the largest and most famous toy stores in the world: Hamley’s store. It was founded in the year 1760 and today it continues to be one of the main suppliers of toys in the British countryside.

It has seven floors and is a must-see if you visit London with children. It is a paradise for the little ones and its windows are, without a doubt, one of the most colorful and cheerful in London. Inside there are many lights, gigantic Lego sculptures, animators, places to test toys, and even face painting. If you go at Christmas, it is advisable to visit Hamley’s Santa’s cabin, recommended for children from 3 to 7 years old.

most impressive toy stores
Hamley’s (London) | Source: Official Facebook Hamley’s

2. American Girl Place, New York

This toy store is an ideal place for those looking for dolls of all types, sizes, and shapes. It is one of the largest stores of this theme in the United States. It differs from other toy stores by allowing dolls to be designed and customized to the consumer’s taste.

You can choose the hair color or the clothes and it even has an exclusive beauty salon for the dolls where they will comb and make up. There are two other branches, in Chicago and Los Angeles, but the one on Fifth Avenue is the most famous and visited.

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most impressive toy stores
American Girl (New York) | Source: American Girl

3. Lego Store, Copenhagen

There are many Lego stores in the world, but the one in the Danish capital is especially famous for its size and for the wide range of products, including exclusive and hard-to-find sets that are not usually available on other surfaces.

It is located in the heart of Copenhagen’s Old Town, on Stroget Street, so it is difficult to miss. Inside the store, the iconic Nyvhavn area, one of the best-known places in the city, is built with Lego pieces.

most impressive toy stores
Lego Store (Copenhagen) | Source: Visit Copenhagen

4. Serneels, Brussels

Maison Serneels was founded in Brussels in 1959 and, since its foundation, it has remained true to its philosophy: each toy is unique and is linked to strong emotion, the indelible memory of childhood. The supply of toys offered to the public is not random; It is the result of a constant search to find the most beautiful and original toy.

Inside you will find a wide selection of handmade music boxes, beautiful ornamental figures from Provence, typical English croquet games, classic living room games such as chess, strollers, tea sets, or fairy tale characters.

most impressive toy stores
Serneels (Brussels) | Source: Official Facebook Serneels

5. Zinnfiguren, Berin

This store was founded in 1934 and specializes in the creation of historical miniatures ranging from prehistory to the present. They are made completely by hand and each character has unique details that make them exclusive pieces. They are authentic collector’s items.

The store offers a huge collection of miniatures made of tin as well as thousands of books and videos related to history from around the world. He also owns unique books, reprints, and strategy games.

most impressive toy stores
Zinnfiguren (Berlin) | Source: Official Facebook Berliner Zinnfiguren

6. FAO Schwarz, New York

Although its iconic Fifth Avenue store closed in 2015, in 2018 the company landed again in the Big Apple with a new location located in Rockefeller Center. It is the largest toy store in New York and has two floors divided by themes such as soft toys, magic games, or dolls.

Although it has been around New York since 1870, it was made famous by a movie that was released almost a century later:  Big, starring Tom Hanks. In one of the film’s mythical scenes, Hanks dances on the keyboard in the store, a tactile piano played with his feet.

most impressive toy stores
FAO Schwarz (New York) | Source: Official Facebook FAO Schwarz

7. Wooden Heart, Galway

This family business is located on Quay Street, the heart of the Latin Quarter of Galway in Ireland. For over 30 years it has been supplying high-quality, safe, and ethical wooden toys.

Wooden Heart has endeavored to provide children with natural toys made of wood. From an educational perspective, the values ​​of this business seek that children explore the world in a safe and imaginative way. They want to develop their senses, physical movement, and exploration through creative games that help them reach their full potential.

most impressive toy stores
Wooden Heart (Galway) | Source: Official Facebook Wooden Heart

8. Kiddy Land, Tokyo

Japan is characterized above all by its large number of Buddhist shrines and temples, but it is also home to Kiddy Land, the toy temple. It is the kawaii shop par excellence and inside there are gifts, toys, and merchandising of many characters of the Japanese culture and “geek” in general such as  Dragon Ball,  Star Wars,  Hello Kitty, or  Studio Ghibli.

It was founded in 1950 and today it is still one of the places with the most variety of unique items and merchandise covering all the fandoms. Located in the Harajuku, Shibuya area, it occupies a five-story building.

most impressive toy stores
Kiddy Land (Tokyo) | Source: Official Instagram Kiddy Land

9. Pain D’Epices, Paris

With more than three centuries of history, this little shop is located in the famous Passage Jouffroy, a beautiful gallery in the French capital. Inside are old teddy bears, wooden horses, puppets, and traditional toys. The dollhouses stand out since they are exclusive creations that have great detail.

It is a toy store with wooden floors and a vintage  air  that permeates every corner of this place.

most impressive toy stores
Pain D’Epices (Paris) | Source: Pain D’Epices

10. Pokémon Center, Tokyo

A Pokémon Center is an official store for Pokémon that has become popular tourist destinations. The centers have a wider selection of products that includes standard and exclusive items that are harder to find.

The Pokémon centers in Tokyo are a great success. There are fourteen Pokémon Centers and fourteen Pokémon Stores in Japan, five of which are in Tokyo. They are very popular with fans as they also organize special events and activities.

most impressive toy stores
Pokémon Center (Tokyo) | Source: Pokémon Center