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How to Sell eBooks: Top 10 Websites to Sell eBooks Online

Do you want to know how to sell ebooks like hot cakes?

Do people still buy eBooks? Can you make a ton of money selling eBooks?

The answer is YES.

You need two things to earn huge profits with eBooks.

  1. Quality content
  2. The right platform to sell your eBooks

If you’re curious to know how to sell your eBooks and make money, this detailed post is a treat for you.

You’ll discover the BEST websites to sell your eBooks online

How to Sell eBooks: Top 10 Websites to Sell eBooks Online

1. Gumroad

Gumroad is the perfect platform for bloggers, authors, writers etc to sell their products including eBooks directly to their customers. You can sell digital products including subscriptions, license keys, pre-orders and so on. You can also sell physical products and offer discount codes or promos.

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Features list:

  • Sell anything from digital products to physical goods, subscriptions, pre-orders etc
  • You can sell multiple versions of a product where your customers can pick between a PDF, ePub or Mobi version of your ebook
  • Free plan is available (but the transaction fee is a bit high at 8.5% on each sale)
  • All major credits cards are accepted including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB
  • PayPal is also integrated to accept payments from your customers
  • Easily import your existing email list
  • Easily offer discount codes on your products

How much does Gumroad charge?

It offers you both free and premium plans. For free accounts, the fee they take on each sale will be just 8.5% + $0.30 per sale. Gumroad’s premium plan starts at $10 per month (or $108 if you pay annually) and the fee they charge on each sale is 3.5% + $0.30 per sale.

2. Razorpay

Razorpay offers you a ton of useful tools to accept payments from your customers. You can easily create payment links, sell subscription plans with recurring transactions, and offer invoices to your customers who purchase digital products such as eBooks from you.

Features list:

  • You can add payment gateways to your website or app seamlessly
  • You can create custom payment pages
  • You can share payment links via an email, SMS, messenger, chatbot etc and get paid instantly
  • You can easily create subscription plans with automated recurring transactions
  • Offers you 100+ payment modes including Credit/Debit cards, Netbanking, UPI, Wallets etc
  • Excellent customer support as they are always available through email, phone and chat
  • You can access all the data in real-time including customer insights on your Razorpay Dashboard

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How much does Razorpay charge?

Here are the commission details.

  • 2% per transaction on Indian Credit Cards, Indian Debit Cards, Net Banking from 58 Banks, UPI, Wallets including Freecharge, Mobikwik etc.
  • 3% per transaction on Diners and Amex Cards, International Cards, EMI
  • There’s no setup fee and annual maintenance fee.

3. Instamojo

There are currently over 1 million Indian businesses with 10+ million customers using Instamojo. If you’re mostly targeting Indian-based customers to sell your eBooks, Instamojo is a great platform for you. We’re also using the same platform to sell our eBooks.

Features list:

  • Gives you access to over 100 payment modes
  • You can track sales data in real-time, get customer insights and easily analyse payment gateway analytics
  • Gives access to their exclusive App Store where you can find a ton of helpful addons that can help you with better conversions
  • You can easily create discount codes
  • You can create an affiliate program for your products to attract more sales
  • Instant payouts facility is available

How much does Instamojo charge?

Here are the Instamojo pricing details.

  • 2% per transaction on Debit Cards/Credit Cards, Netbanking, Wallets and UPI
  • 5% per transaction on digital products and files (such as eBooks)
  • There are no setup fees and maintenance charges

4. Amazon Kindle

Hands down, Amazon is the best place to sell your eBooks online. It has millions of customers worldwide and if your eBook’s content is great, it will sell itself as Amazon opens the door to a lot more people around the world than you could ever imagine.

To get started, you first need to create a KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account with Amazon. Here’s the link where you can get started within 5 minutes and your book appears on Kindle stores worldwide within 24 to 48 hours.

Features list:

  • Access to millions of readers worldwide as Amazon is a HUGE marketplace for eBooks
  • You can earn up to 70% royalty on sales to customers in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia etc
  • You are permitted to offer your book for free for five days (which allows you to get more 5 star ratings from your existing network such as blog followers, email lists etc)

How much does Amazon charge for self-publishing?

Just like most other bookselling platforms mentioned here Amazon doesn’t charge anything to publish your eBook through their Kindle publishing platform. But they do charge a percentage of each book sold.

Amazon Kindle self-publishing service offers you two royalty options.

  • One is 35% and the other is 70%.
  • For a 70% royalty option, your eBook must be priced between $2.99 and $9.99. If your eBook is priced above or below that amount, you will need to pick the 35% royalty option.

Amazon starts paying royalties 60 days after the first sale is made.

5. Payhip

If you’re looking to sell any type of digital products including ebooks, memberships, software, design assets, music related digital products, Payhip is just for you. It’s used and trusted by more than 130K customers worldwide.

The best part is Payhip offers “PDF stamping” where they stamp your buyers purchase details on every page of your PDF to discourage them from illegally sharing with others.

Features list:

  • You can accept sales from anywhere (be it from your website, social media or anywhere)
  • You can offer discount codes for better conversions
  • You can upload any type of file including ebooks, software, video etc
  • Multiple payment options are available for your customers (as they can pay with their PayPal account or their card. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club etc)
  • Quicker payouts as they will deposit your sales to you immediately after a transaction has been completed

How much does Payhip charge you?

It offers you a free version where you need to pay a 5% transaction fee on every sale you generate. If you don’t want to pay that much in transaction fee, you can opt for two of their premium plans which are;

  • Plus (costs you $29 per month where you need to pay 2% transaction fee)
  • Pro (costs you $99 per month where there’s no transaction fee whatsoever)

Side note: PayPal and Stripe will still charge at their standard rates once they complete a transaction (it applies to all the plans offered by Payhip).

6. Cashfree

Cashfree is a payment gateway used by over 50,000 Indian and global businesses to collect and disburse payments in a ton of payment methods. In fact, it is backed by Y Combinator and was incubated by Paypal.

Again, similar to Instamojo, you can sell your eBooks easily with Cashfree if you’re mostly targeting Indian customers. You can also send money to any bank account, UPI address or PayTM wallet by uploading a file or an API.

Features list:

  • You can easily collect local and international payments with a simple integration
  • Offers on-demand payouts so you can disburse bulk payments instantly
  • Offers a ton of payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, Rupay, UPI, IMPS, NEFT, Paytm & other wallets, Pay Later and EMI options
  • You can offer instant refunds to your customers
  • You can also add subscription based payments
  • You can automatically track your customer payments with virtual bank accounts

How much does Cashfree charge you?

Here are the payment gateway charges collected by Cashfree.

  • 1.75% per transaction (on Indian credit cards and debit cards, including UPI payments such as Google Pay, PhonePe, Amazon Pay etc)
  • 2.5% per transaction (on Pay Later options and EMI cards)
  • 3.5% per transaction (on International credit and debit cards)
  • Zero Setup Fee and Zero Maintenance fee
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7. CCAvenue

CCAvenue is a leading Payment Gateway in India and it currently powers more than 85% of the eCommerce merchants in the country.

It offers a wide range of payment options such as all the major Credit Cards, Net Banking options, Debit Cards, ATM PIN Debit Cards, Prepaid Instruments, and Bank EMI. So if your target customers are mostly Indians, CCAvenue is a great platform to sell eBooks.

Features list:

  • If you’ve a website, you can use their FREE CCAvenue shopping cart and start selling online in less than 24 hours
  • Offers over 200 payment modes ranging from credit cards to EMI options
  • You can collect payments in 27 major foreign currencies (so that you can allow your customers to pay in their own currency)
  • Offers a multilingual checkout page (which has 18 major Indian and International languages)
  • Offers Retry option (that means when the customer’s transaction fails due to reasons like wrong card details, incorrect payment option etc, it sends Retry option to complete the payment successfully)
  • Offers you real-time statistical reports

How much does CCAvenue charge you?

Here are the charges collected by CCAvenue.

  • 2% per transaction (on all Indian MasterCard, Visa & Rupay Credit Cards)
  • 3% per transaction (on all International MasterCard & Visa Credit / Debit Cards)
  • Zero setup fee

8. E-junkie

E-junkie is one of the popular platforms to sell digital downloads online including ebooks, art, comics, merchandise, music and so on. You can easily sell on your website, blog, social media networks, WhatsApp, Messenger and everywhere online.

Features list:

  • You can offer an instant download of your files such as eBooks or promo codes after a successful payment
  • You can also sell and ship physical products and calculate shipping and handling using a variety of methods including UPS, USPS, flat rate and so on
  • You can offer an affiliate program for your products such as eBooks to increase your sales online
  • You can sell anything from digital downloads such as ebooks, art, music, videos, coupon codes to physical products
  • They automatically create an SEO friendly product landing page for you which is pre-integrated with Google and Facebook analytics so you can keep an eye on every single visitor and sale
  • The ability to create product specific promotions, discount code or gift cards
  • Above all, you can also list your products in the E-junkie marketplace for free to increase your product exposure

How much does E-junkie charge you?

E-junkie is a subscription based platform to sell digital products. That means, you have to pay them every month and they offer FOUR pricing plans which are listed below.

  1. $5 per month (where you can sell up to 10 products with 200 MB storage limit and unlimited sales and downloads)
  2. $10 per month (where you can sell up to 40 products with 2 GB storage limit and unlimited sales and downloads)
  3. $20 per month (where you can sell up to 150 products with 8 GB storage limit and unlimited sales and downloads)
  4. $40 per month (where you can sell unlimited products with unlimited storage limit and unlimited sales and downloads)

You can try them free for 30 days. No setup fee. No transaction fee. No transaction limit and no bandwidth limit whatsoever.

9. Sellfy

Sellfy is an incredible eCommerce platform designed for creators and bloggers who want to sell their digital products such as eBooks online. There are currently over 270K creators using Sellfy to sell digital downloads online.

Features list:

  • You can sell anything including physical goods, digital products or subscriptions
  • You can sell on your website or you can sell on your YouTube channels, Instagram page or even Soundcloud with a simple link
  • Offers you multiple payment options with instant payouts
  • All stores offer you a dedicated shopping cart for faster checkout and it can be also embedded on your own website together with buy now buttons

How much does Sellfy charge you?

Sellfy offers 3 pricing plans which are;

  • Starter (costs you $19 per month if you go for their annual plans, Up to $10k in sales per year 0% transaction fee)
  • Business (costs you $39 per month if you go for their annual plans, Up to $50k in sales per year 0% transaction fee)
  • Premium (costs you $89 per month if you go for their annual plans, Up to $200k in sales per year 0% transaction fee)

There’s no transaction fees or hidden costs.

10. SendOwl

If you’re looking for an easy to use and highly conversion focused platform to sell your eBooks or other digital products online, SendOwl is a great choice for you. From eBooks to software licence keys to memberships, you can sell anything.

Features list:

  • Offers a wide range of payment options including credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or even Bitcoin
  • You can sell to customers via email, social media, blog or anywhere online
  • Supports multilingual check out (so that your customers are automatically shown the checkout pages in their native language)
  • Offers inbuilt affiliate system so you can get more referral sales
  • You can offer discount codes which are fully trackable

How much does SendOwl charge you?

It offers various pricing options which are listed below.

  • Basic plan costs you $9 per month where you can sell 10 products, limited customization, 1GB of storage.
  • Standard plan costs you $15 per month where you can sell 30 products, PDF stamping, affiliates, customization, 3 GB of storage.
  • Premium plan costs you $24 per month where you can sell 100 products, PDF stamping, affiliates, 1 subscription, upsells, 5GB of storage data, video streaming, cart abandonment etc
  • Business plan costs you $39 per month where you can sell 250 products, 3 subscriptions, upsells, affiliates, customization, cart abandonment, video streaming, PDF stamping, 15 GB of storage etc

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