How to make a ‘low cost’ children’s party Idea

Throwing an unforgettable party for your children doesn’t have to be a budget issue. It is not necessary to invest large amounts of money to have an original celebration in which children spend some fun hours with family and friends.

The trick to achieving this is to have foresight, organize your times well, and use all your creativity. Here we give you the keys to make a cheap children’s party that children will always remember.

Where to celebrate it?

To begin, look for a space for your children’s party that does not cost you or has a reduced price. You can always celebrate it at home with a limited group of children, in the common areas of your community of neighbors requesting prior permission or, if the weather is good, have an outdoor party in the garden or in any park near your home. Other inexpensive places to celebrate a birthday can be municipal sports facilities that are rented by the hour. So children can practice one of their favorite sports during the celebration.


Decide on a theme around which your children’s party revolves, that will make it easier for you both the decoration, the creation of the invitations, and the thematic games that you do for the children. In these Frogs and Princesses articles, you can find all the inspiration you need to decide on a movie, cartoon, superhero theme, or one for younger children.

Easy decoration

Once you have decided on the theme, think about the decoration. You can decorate with cardboard, tissue paper pompoms, lamps made of this same material, banners, and garlands. Balloons are a very simple alternative to help decorate your children’s party. For example, a few simple yellow balloons can be turned into the Minions with some skill and a marker. With some white balloons, a colored paper cone and your creativity you can make a unicorn themed party possible. Decorating resources don’t have to cost a lot at a party. Your imagination will supply the best-purchased decoration you could wish for.

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Personalized invitations

You don’t have to buy invitations for each of the children. A piece of cardboard, paints, and scissors will be your tools to make some fun invitations. They also don’t have to be very elaborate. Try to make a drawing on the cover and an inside text with all the party information. You can also start to personalize the invitations with an image editing program in which you can place your child as if he were a character from a movie, a member of a famous soccer team or a singer.

Prepare the food

You will conquer children with dishes that you can make at home and take wherever you celebrate the children’s party. In this way, we also ensure that we have everything under control against food allergies and reducing the sugar in sweets. You can opt for simple dishes. Make mini pizzas, hamburgers, or hot dogs to make on the spot. If you want cold dishes you can make traditional ham and cheese sandwiches cut with molds to get shapes.

If you are going to put sweets try to prick them on skewers and place them inside glass jars. Also, add cut fruits and, if you opt for chocolate, a small fountain or bowl for the children to bathe them. For the more creative there is also the possibility of making homemade cookies decorated with the motive of your party or cupcakes, very fashionable at children’s parties.

Traditional games

A good way to energize your party is with some traditional games. If you are in a closed space you can propose quieter games. You can put the tail on the donkey, do creative and manual activities or, for example, create an improvised theatrical performance with a trunk full of costumes. If your celebration in the open air you can propose a small competition, practice a sport or bet on traditional games such as catching the handkerchief or sack races.

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