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How can I use SEMrush to quickly increase My blog traffic?

On average, there are apparently 571 new websites created every minute.

You know what’s funny? The chances of one of those websites being successful or highly trafficked are extremely slim. If only one of those sites become popular, that’s a 0.1% success rate – and the reality is even slimmer than that! Website traffic can be very hard to come by.

There are many ways to increase traffic to your blogs.

However, most of them will take a lot time and efforts.

If you don’t have that much time, then you will mostly try one or two strategies for rapid traffic generation and you’ll be more likely to give up if they don’t get you good results.

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Let me tell you. Either hire an SEO expert or get access to a right SEO tool.

We all know hiring an SEO expert costs you typically $5000 to $100,000 or even more. Neil Patel usually charges $100,000 and even more for his SEO consulting services. Unless you already have a huge money flowing through your sites or a BIG budget, you can’t afford them, right?

When it comes to SEO tools, there are so many incredible options out there. One of them is SEMrush. It’s the one tool that’s helping me grow my traffic and sales for the last year.

The traffic generation plan outlined in this post will:

So let me help you with a simple guide to using SEMrush to boost your search engine traffic if you are looking for proven ways to grow your blog traffic.

4 Proven ways to get massive traffic to your Google blog using SEMrush

4 Proven ways to get massive traffic to your Google blog using SEMrush

1. Here’s the reason why 99% of the blogs fail to get more traffic

Have been you aware why most of the blogs don’t get the search traffic they deserve?

It’s because of their website issues.

Not the common website issues like usability, using pages instead of posts but the major SEO issues like crawlability issues, lengthy title tags or meta description issues etc.

If you are wondering why you are not getting more traffic from Google even after creating great content, then the reason could be that your site has some issues.

Then, how can you find and fix your website issues?

Once you logged into your SEMrush account, add your site into it. Now, when you click on the Site Audit feature, it will show you all the errors and warnings that your site currently has.

Have a look at the following screenshot of WIKIhow to have a better idea about the Site Audit feature from SEMrush.

Wikihow seo audit report

Have you seen that?

SEMrush not only regularly crawls your entire site to check if it has any issues or not. By simply working on fixing your issues you can bring more search visibility.

Now, when I click on those errors, it tells me which pages are affected, so I can begin to work on them to address my site problems.

Not only that, you can also find all the warnings your site may have (although you can neglect the warnings but you must fix all the “errors” that your site has).

2. Tired of doing keyword research?

Keyword research is without a doubt the reason the majority of blogs get a lot of search traffic.

If you are struggling to get more Google traffic to your sites, it might be mainly because you are not doing keyword research at all.

Finding great keywords is NOT a joke. It takes a lot of time and efforts.

Even then, you can’t predict the right keywords that can help you bring more traffic.

So what’s the solution to come up with great keyword ideas?

SEMrush should be your option.

While doing keyword research, SEMrush will help you with the following things:

SEMrush will help you with the following things while doing keyword research:

  • Find matches for sentences and associated keywords
  • Get long tail keywords with no effort
  • Explore the multilingual and multinational contexts
  • Locate the right keywords to improve SEO 

Now, let’s explore the details of how you can use SEMrush to actually do keyword research.

Step 1: Enter any keyword of your choice to know whether it is right for increasing your traffic or not. As a rule of thumb, don’t pick keywords with search volume of more than 2000 as they need a lot of links and efforts.

Keyword secearch

Step 2: Also find phrase match and related keywords to your primary keyword.

Step 3: Analyze the competitors who are already ranking well in Google

3. Social Media Analytics

social media audit

This feature is in beta, but it is available for all current SEMrush customers.

Social analytics are a very important aspect of SEO and are often overlooked by bloggers.

This feature of SEMrush lets you audit your Facebook, Twitter, and G+ account.

audit your Facebook, Twitter, and G+ account.

You can also check your competitor’s social media account to measure how well you are doing against them.

check your competitor’s social media account
  • (At this time, SEMrush’s “Social Media” tool only supports the above-mentioned reporting.)

Your goal is to always get the green mark in your weekly report.

Here is the report One Of My Compititor social media channels:

one of my compititor trafic

4. Analyzing your competitors is EFFORTLESS

In the above step, we were using “increase website traffic” as an example keyword. For the same keyword, here’s the competition analysis.

compititor analysis

Did you see that? Not only you are getting top search results for the keyword “increase website traffic” but you are also able to see the ads targeting that keyword.

Likewise, you can analyze your competition for ANY keyword that you are trying to rank for. You can also find out if there are any people or companies that are trying to rank for that keywords by using ads.

Not only that.. Here’s more!

check my compititor analysis

Now, by clicking on any one of the top page search results for your targeted keyword, you will get access to more information.

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