5 Games to work on learning colors with preschool children

5 Games to work on learning colors with preschool children

Games reinforce children’s learning in a playful way and improve the retention of concepts. Teaching numbers, letters, or colors doesn’t have to be boring, as shown in these fun learning colors games for preschool children.

1. Rainbow of colors

One activity that younger children will love is creating their own rainbow of colors. In addition to reinforcing knowledge, with this proposal a creative activity is carried out with which to develop fine motor skills with the movement of the pinching. To make this rainbow you need water, food coloring, a couple of cards, glue, salt, and some small plastic pipettes. Glue generously to one of the cardstock. Place the other on top and rub to blend. Add a good handful of salt. With the pipettes, have the children take the different colors that make up the rainbow and create their drawing by dropping small drops on the paper.

games to learn colors with water
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2. Garden of colors

Create your own home garden in a plastic tray. Put some sand and shaving cream on it, until a fun texture is created for children. To do the garden you need green pipe cleaners, leaves made with eva rubber and different colored artificial flowers. Once you have the materials you can make your own garden. Tell the child to put flowers of a certain color in the first row, in the second row of another, or to intersperse colors as you tell them. In addition to reviewing the colors, you can also have the children count leaves, stems, flowers or follow a series of colors that you have previously started.

games to learn colors and flowers
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3. Colored pieces

To play these games to learn the colors, buy pieces of felt or foam in different shades. Draw and cut out simple geometric shapes that children can handle. Put the pieces in a bag and leave a few larger felt squares on the ground. The game consists of removing the pieces one by one and placing them on the corresponding color. At the time they have to say the name of the tone. You can also start working on concepts such as the square, the circle or the triangle.

games to learn colors and shapes
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4. Tweezers and sticks

We propose an idea to create with ice cream sticks and clothespins with which you can make two games of different colors with the children. The first thing you have to do is put masking tape on the sticks and tweezers, or, with the help of the children, paint them. A first part of the game may consist of matching the sticks according to their colors. Then they will have to do the same with the tweezers. You can even give simple instructions such as that in the blue stick just put a tweezers of the same color, in the yellow two tweezers and so on consecutively to work both colors and numbers.

games to learn colors with tweezers and sticks
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5. Castle of colors

Preschoolers love to insert small objects into slots. That is part of these games to learn the colors that we propose. To make the castle you need a box. Make different windows through which to insert small colored objects. Paint each window a shade and have the child insert the pom-poms according to their color . To make the game more complicated, you can add pompoms of similar colors to the ones you have but not the ones found in your castle.

games to learn colors with pompoms
Source: lifeovercs

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