5 Games to teach series and patterns to preschool children

5 Games to teach series and patterns to preschool children

He works his mathematical logical thinking from the earliest ages. The task does not have to be difficult. You can do it with simple elements and with manipulative words that amuse the child. A very easy way to start working on the first mathematical concepts and deductive thinking is through the series. Here we propose 5 simple pattern games for preschool children that you can do to teach how they should reason and follow a logical sequence. Also, we encourage you to read these easy ideas that you can do with them at home or school to develop their fine motor skills and these games to teach them the basics of math.

1. Patterns for preschool children with magnets

Use the fridge magnets you have at home to create logical sequences with them whereby children have to guess which tile is missing. Start with simpler patterns and complicate the activity as the child works through it quickly. A fun way to teach your little ones mathematical logic while you play together.

patterns for preschool kids with magnets
Source: mrsriccaskindergarten

2. Number patterns with caps

Repurpose bottle caps to create letter and number patterns. Here we suggest that you make several series of plugs in which you put numbers from 1 to 9. First, put the numbers in order. When the child has noticed, he removes some of them and asks him to put them in the correct order following the series. Another possibility that this tool gives you is to create simple patterns of even or odd numbers, with simple additions or that multiply by a figure. The child will have to fill in the missing number. The more plugs you have, the more complex you can make the patterns that the child has to solve.

patterns for preschool kids with plugs
Source: boymamateachermama

3. Colors and letters

Use the colored stickers you have at home to create with them a logical sequence in which a letter will be attached to each color. This game can also provide good results with older children with whom you can make up secret words through the colored stickers.

To make this simple game of patterns for preschool children, you just have to create a box in which you assign each letter the color of one of the stickers you have. Try to first make the child a simple series matching each letter with its color. In a second step, try to group letters and remove some gaps so that you can deduce the corresponding color or the letter to be placed. A very easy way to develop your wits and learn while having fun.

preschool kids patterns with stickers
Source: thisreadingmama

4. Lego patterns

Use Duplo pieces to create on a table of patterns of colors and shapes. You can start with simple patterns with pieces of two colors. Ask the child to find the missing piece. Add others of different sizes to complicate the deduction a bit. You can also place small Lego figures to complete. You can vary the sizes of the pieces, shapes and colors to make the patterns increasingly complex. Even atreveros can with atrones forming a construction height  while still internalize mathematical knowledge. 

patterns for preschool kids with Lego
Source: learnwithplayathome

5. Learn patterns with cars

Cars that children love so much can be a good element for making patterns. Try to sort them by color, by size, and even by type of vehicle (car, truck, train, motorcycle). If it is easy for him, you can even have a competition to see who solves the riddle of these logical patterns in the shortest time possible.

patterns for preschool kids with cars
Source: themeasuredmom

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