5 Fun Games You Can Make With Cans

5 Fun Games You Can Make With Cans

The everyday items and recycled materials that we have at home can become fun toys for our children. The simpler the element we give them, the more ingenious they will have to be to develop their games. In addition, it is a way of discovering that children’s fun does not have to be linked to the price of toys.

To sharpen your imagination and propose new entertainment we give you 5 ideas of games that you can make with recycled cans .

1. Recycled stilts

A few old boats and two pieces of rope is all you need for the children to have a great time running around as if they were mosquitoes. Remove on the adhesive paper that is on the can and paint the color you like the most to get some decorated stilts. With an electric drill (you can also use a nail and a hammer) make two holes in both sides of the cans and pass a string. Tie both parts so that it is well taut and teach the children how to use the stilts with which they will have to demonstrate their balance and ability .

recycled cans stilts
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2. Phones with recycled cans

A fun game to teach children how the waves that transmit sound work is to build our own phones out of cans. Who has not tried this form of communication as a child? It is as simple as making a hole in the bottom of each of the cans and placing a piece of wool or string that connects them. An entertaining game with which they will create their own non-technological means of communication.

recycled cans phone
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3. Take down the tower

Children love being able to knock down objects, that is why we propose this game that you can create with simple recycled cans and with which they will spend entertaining days outdoors. Building this proposal is very simple. You can leave the cans empty and clean, just as they come from the supermarket, decorate with colored paper or paint. You need to place them in a tower shape and provide some balls with which to knock down the cans. A simple game with which you can train your strength , hand-eye coordination and your aim.

bowling recycled cans
Source: craftsbycourtney

4. Pot

Kids can  practice shooting without the need for a basket with this simple idea. To start the round, place several cans of different thicknesses and sizes on a support so that they can try to make a basket. Give as many balls as cans you have. The boy with the most balls in a round wins.

recycled cans basket
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5. Memory game

Boost your children’s memory simply with some cans and a stone, or any small object that you can put inside. Place it under one of the boats and move. The game consists of checking if the children remember where the object is after changing its position a couple of times.

You can also play to make pairs of elements . Choose pairs of common objects that you have at home. For this option you can use buttons, caps and small dolls. Another alternative you can do is paint stones in different colors. Put the elements under the cans and play to make as many pairs as possible. A simple way to work memory and concentration.

recycled cans memory games
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