5 fun games to learn letters easily

5 fun games to learn letters easily

Getting children to learn the letters of the alphabet is easier if we do it through games. Learning in a playful way enables knowledge to be strengthened, so we propose 5 games to learn letters. Simple ideas that you can make with commonly used materials.

1. Monster eats letters

Familiarizing children with the alphabet is very easy with this game that you can also create with recycled elements. To build it you need a cereal box or a paper tube. Cut a mouth and decorate it as you like best. With cardboard, make round index cards with all the letters of the alphabet (both uppercase and lowercase). The game consists of naming the letters and having the children put them in the monster’s mouth. The winner is the one who manages to enter the most correct letters.

games to learn monster letters
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2. Spelling on wheels

An idea for your children to start forming the first words is that they can play with them through a simple drawing, such as a school bus. Make the drawing with five windows and prepare some cards with words that have between 3 and 5 letters. Leave the letters within the reach of the children and have them reproduce the word you have proposed on each of the bus windows.

games to learn the letters bus
Source: littlefamilyfun

3. Prize letters

With this game, we try to get children to gradually identify the letters that make up a word. For this, we need some simple paper or cardboard cups, some labels on which to write the letters of the alphabet, and a marker. On some cards write simple words that the child can identify. The game consists of finding out the letter that the word on the card begins with. Before starting the game, place a small object under the glass (a figurine, for example) with the initial letter of the word. The child will know that he has hit the mark if when removing the glass he finds the surprise.

games to learn letters with glasses
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4. Fish the letters

We propose a game to entertain children and to familiarize them with the spelling of letters. You need to create a fishing rod with a stick, a string, and a magnet; and make some paper fish to which you will add a clip so that they can be fish. Another way you can make this game is with the reed and small magnetized letters.

games to learn fishing letters
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5. Letters on the run

With this idea, children can learn letters with a simple board game. Layout some alphabet cards on a table. Say letters as the children compete to hunt them before the rest. If you want to make it more dynamic, you can also place the cards next to objects whose names begin with that letter and have the children run in search of them. Whoever brings the initial first will be the winner.

games to learn letters letters
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