3 Homemade games to learn to add

Math can be turned into the fun too. Learning them is not limited to doing repetitive operations in a notebook. You can go further by creating fun activities for children to assimilate the most basic concepts without realizing that they are studying. Here we are going to give you some ideas to build games to learn to add.

1. Add with dice

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Look how easy it can be for children to learn to add simple figures with two dice and some skill tests. You will get them to develop their mental calculation while they work on psychomotor skills and coordination.


  • 2 dice
  • 1 cube of natural wood or a sheet of white paper
  • Felt pens


  1. Draw on each side of your wooden block a test that the children will find easy and fun.
  2. You can add challenges like jumping, winking, or spinning.
  3. If you don’t have a wooden cube, try doing the same on a blank sheet of paper. Divide it into as many squares as results can be obtained from the sum of the dice. Put a challenge in each of them.
  4. It is time to roll the dice. The children will have to add the numbers and look for their equivalent on the page or throw the wooden block to find out which proof has corresponded to them.
  5. They will have to do the challenge as many times as the sum says.
  6. Loses who does not add well or the child who gets tired before.

2. Games on the floor

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With this idea, we suggest you create a mathematical board on the floor of your home or classroom in which the children will compete to find out the answer before the opposing team.


  • Masking tape
  • Cards
  • Marker pen


  1. Create a twelve square (4 x 3) grid on the ground with masking tape.
  2. Use the flashcards to write some simple sums.
  3. Put the results on your board with a little more tape taped to the ground.
  4. Leave two free spaces to add a zero or the starting box. There is one on each side of the board.
  5. Start the game by placing one child from each team on zero.
  6. The adult is in charge of reading the sum of one of the cards.
  7. Children will have to jump to the correct result. Whoever arrives first wins and eliminates the opponent of the opposing team.
  8. The team that first kills all its opponents will win.

3. Sums with plates

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A food plate with three divisions and elements that you have at home, and that the child can manipulate, is all you need to teach math in a fun way.


  • Plate with three divisions
  • EVA rubber stars, large buttons or cereals
  • Cardstock cards
  • Marker pen


  1. Write on the cards all the sums you want the children to practice.
  2. Leave the items that will be used for counting near them.
  3. You just need to show them the cardboard and have them add in each of the upper separations the pieces that correspond to the addends.
  4. To perform the mathematical operation they will only have to put them together at the bottom of the plate and count the result. With this idea, children will learn in a manipulative way how mathematics works, which facilitates the understanding of operations

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