10 Great Places to Take Your Kids

Family trips are very important. Going on excursions with our children gives us the opportunity to be part of their first experiences and see how they develop in new environments.
10 Great Places to Take Your Kids

Family trips are very important. Going on excursions with our children gives us the opportunity to be part of their first experiences and see how they develop in new environments. These memories will remain in your memory and will make your childhood a beautiful time. Also, taking a road trip with the family is a great idea that will allow us to get away from the bustle of the city and enjoy our free time together. But what are the best places to go with children? Where we go? Will there be activities for them? Will they be appropriate for their age? They will enjoy it? We propose 10 places for you to go before they turn 10 years old.

1. Gulliver Park and Bioparc (Valencia) 

Bioparc of Valencia
Meerkats. Bioparc | Source: Bioparc Valencia

Without a doubt this park is ideal. The figure of the giant Gulliver , lying on the ground and immobilized with ropes, becomes fun slides and ramps where you can spend a great day . Admission is free, but don’t forget to check the schedules before going.

The Bioparc is a very large open-air space where hundreds of animal species coexist in a state of semi-freedom. There  are many activities designed for children . Saying good morning to the lemurs or giraffes, watching the elephants eat or going to the educational exhibition of birds and mammals “The Cycle of Life”, are just some of the things you can do.

Tickets are free for children under 4 years old. From now on until 12, it will cost 18 euros while for adults it will be 23.80 euros.

2. Din贸polis (Teruel)

T-Rex show in Din贸polis
T-Rex Show | Source: Official Website of Din贸polis

The best places to go with children are those that combine fun, learning and adventure. This dinosaur theme park will not leave anyone indifferent. Located in Aragon, it brings together entertainment and science through a journey of 4,500 million years where you will discover what life was like and the extinction of these exciting living beings .

Din贸polis has several exhibitions distributed among seven towns in the province, the central park being in Teruel. The price of admission for children under 3 years is free, the child has a cost of 22 euros up to 12 years, while the price for adults is 28 euros.

3. Oasys theme park (Almer铆a) 

Places to go with children. Oasys theme park
Oasys theme park

Also known as “Mini  Hollywood “, it is located in the desert of Tabernas (Almer铆a). It is based on the sets of the old American western  cinema  that was recorded in the 60s and 70s.

It is a perfect activity if you don’t know what to do with the children. There are daily  cowboy shows and cancan dances. In addition, it has a zoological reserve with cats, birds and some exotic species, as well as two swimming pools. The cost of the standard ticket for adults from 12 is 22.50 euros, while for children from 3 years is 12.50 euros.

4. Alcazar of Segovia

Visit to the Alcazar of Segovia
Alcazar of Segovia | Source: Official Website of the Alc谩zar of Segovia

Another of our proposals for places to go with children is the Alcazar de Segovia. The image of this unique palace, located between the Eresma and Clamores valleys, seems to guard the city. Some say that its silhouette was inspired by the castle of Snow White .

The fortress is a very important part of this Castilian city, chosen as a place of residence by many of the monarchs belonging to the Trastamara dynasty. It is a symbol of the art and history of Spain.

You can buy your tickets right there, at a cost of 8 and 3.50 euros for adults and minors up to 16 years of age, respectively. The pass allows you to visit the rooms of the Palace, visit the Artillery Museum and enjoy the majestic views of the city from the Tower of Juan II. Access to this tower is through the 152-step spiral staircase climb. It is a narrow staircase and difficult to access, so  children must always be accompanied .

5. The Enchanted City (Cuenca) 

Enchanted City, Cuenca
Rock formation in the Enchanted City (Cuenca) | Source: Enchanted City

Located in the heart of the Cuenca mountains and surrounded by pine forests, the Enchanted City is one of the most breathtaking places in this town, declared in 2009 as a Natural Site of National Interest.

Its origin dates back to 90 million years ago , when this area was part of the bottom of the Thetis Sea. At the end of the Cretaceous, the ocean receded and the seabed rose to the surface. The action of water, wind and ice have made it possible for us to enjoy this wonderful geological phenomenon today.

The visit consists of a path of approximately three kilometers, very well signposted. We remind you of the importance of following the signs and not straying from the indicated path . Children under 7 years old enter free, from that age the cost is 4 euros up to 12, onwards it has a price of 5 euros.

6. Micr贸polix (Madrid) 

Micropolyix. Micro TV | Source: Official Page of Micr贸polix

It is a city designed for children, located in a covered area of 鈥嬧12,000 square meters in San Sebasti谩n de los Reyes.

In this activity, they will learn to value and know the work enjoying in the more than 30 themed spaces for this purpose. Its only citizens will be your children, who will make sure that everything works correctly. In order to enjoy leisure, they must win Eurix, the official currency of the place.

In Micr贸polix they will be firefighters, journalists, musicians, architects or doctors among many others and they will even be able to get their driving license. They will become adults for a day and will experiment with the different activities made and thought for them. The ticket price varies depending on the day of the visit. It ranges between 13 and 20 euros, also depending on age.

7. The Arriero Claudio in Segovia

Places to go with children. The Aqueduct of Segovia and the muleteer Claudio
Aqueduct of Segovia | Source: National Geographic

Trips with children can be a lot of fun and an essential one is to Segovia. Together with the muleteer Claudio, you will know this town like never before.

This funny character will guide you through the corners of the city telling legends, anecdotes, and popular games. The visit begins at the  Aqueduct of Segovia, but you will see more places such as Plaza de San Mart铆n, and, next to Plaza Mayor, you will witness the coronation of Isabel la Cat贸lica.

This pleasant and dynamic guide has a cost of 12.50 euros for adults and 9.20 euros for your children from 6 to 12. This ticket includes access to the Royal Mint.

8. The National Archaeological Museum (Madrid) 

Places to go with children. The National Archaeological Museum
Greece Exhibition | Source: MAN – National Archaeological Museum

A visit to the Archaeological Museum (MAN) can be quite an experience for children. In addition to a journey from Prehistory to Ancient Greece, you can do family activities such as open workshops, always accompanied by a monitor. You also have autonomous visits and storytelling.

The museum also has a specific space for a games area . In it you can have fun with “Play History”, “Trivia at the Museum” or ” Game jam online” , where you will create a video game in just one weekend.

General admission costs only 3 euros and, if you go on the weekend, it is free on Saturdays from 2:00 p.m. and Sunday mornings.

9. Eureka Science Museum! (Saint Sebastian) 

Places to go with children. Eureka Science Museum!
Activities at the Eureka Science Museum! | Source: Eureka Museoa

Located in Miram贸n (San Sebasti谩n), in a privileged natural environment, Eureka! It is an interactive museum where you learn through experiments and the manipulation of objects. It is a scientific popularization center adapted for all ages . It has a permanent exhibition and a 3D Planetarium , which helps in a very playful way to understand astronomy, although it is not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

This museum is not a typical museum, since it has a section called Animalia, where children will learn the importance of caring for and preserving natural spaces. In the guided tours, a specialized monitor will be in charge of showing you the four ecosystems. You can even touch the most harmless animals . General admission has a cost of 10 euros.

10. Park Aran in Val d’Ar谩n (Lleida) 

Otter in the Aran Valley
Otter | Source: Aran Park

Knowing places to go with children in the middle of nature is always an option with guaranteed success . Leaving the big city and breathing fresh air is a luxury that we must allow ourselves more often.

The Aran Valley, located in the heart of the Pyrenees, is covered with forests of wild pines and firs. An ideal area to walk and get to know this wonderful natural environment. It has a very varied fauna that includes from bears to lynxes, otters, wolves or large deer.

The tour lasts approximately 2 hours and the paved ground allows entry for families with baby carriages . Halfway there is a picnic area, where you can eat and enjoy as a family in the mini-farm with domestic animals. The cost of entry is 14 euros for adults and 10 for minors.